Vigna angularis Jingnong 6 genome v1.1

Genome Overview
Analysis NameVigna angularis Jingnong 6 genome v1.1
MethodIllumina HiSeq 2000, SOAP denovo (SSPACE-V1.1, GapCloser)
Date performed2020-05-19

This assembly and genome were downloaded from NCBI, BioProject PRJNA328963 (GCA_001190045.1).  This genome was submitted to NCBI by Beijing University of Agriculture and published in Yang et al. 2015.

About the assembly (from Yang et al):

Total size of assembled contigs 449.8 Mb
Number of contigs (>500 bp) 25,426
Largest contig 263,950 bp
N50 contig length 38,355 bp
Number of scaffolds (>500 bp) 5,590
Total size of assembled scaffolds 466.7 Mb
N50 scaffold length 1,292,063 bp
Longest scaffold 5,416,319 bp
Number of gene models 34,183


Additional information about this analysis:
Property NameValue
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Analysis Typewhole_genome

V. angularis Jingnong 6, Genome Assembly v1.1 Files:

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Homology Analysis Results: