Vigna angularis Jingnong 6 genome v1.1

Genome Overview
Analysis NameVigna angularis Jingnong 6 genome v1.1
MethodIllumina HiSeq 2000, SOAP denovo (SSPACE-V1.1, GapCloser)
Date performed2020-05-19

This assembly and genome were downloaded from NCBI, BioProject PRJNA328963 (GCA_001190045.1).  This genome was submitted to NCBI by Beijing University of Agriculture and published in Yang et al. 2015.

About the assembly (from Yang et al):

Total size of assembled contigs 449.8 Mb
Number of contigs (>500 bp) 25,426
Largest contig 263,950 bp
N50 contig length 38,355 bp
Number of scaffolds (>500 bp) 5,590
Total size of assembled scaffolds 466.7 Mb
N50 scaffold length 1,292,063 bp
Longest scaffold 5,416,319 bp
Number of gene models 34,183



V. angularis Jingnong 6, Genome Assembly v1.1 Files:

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Homology Analysis Results: