Cajanus cajan Asha genome v1.0

Genome Overview
Analysis NameCajanus cajan Asha genome v1.0
MethodIllumina HiSeq, SOAPdenovo (v1.05)
Date performed2019-09-17

This assembly and genome were downloaded from NCBI, BioProject PRJNA72815 (GCA_000340665.1).  This genome was submitted to NCBI by BGI and published in Varshney et al. 2012.

About the assembly (from Varshney et al):

  All scaffolds Scaffolds longer than 2 kb
Number of scaffolds 137,542 6,534
Total span 605.78 Mb 578 Mb
N50 (scaffolds) 516.06 kb 585 kb
Longest scaffold (pseudomolecule) 48.97 Mb 48.97 Mb
Number of contigs 173,708 35,854
Longest contig 185.39 kb 185.39 kb
N50 (contigs) 21.95 kb 23.1 kb
GC content 32.8% 32.7%
Number of gene models 48,680  
Number of gene models (non-TE containing) 40,071  
Mean transcript length 2,348.70 bp  
Mean coding sequence length 959.35 bp  
Mean number of exons per gene 3.59  
Mean exon length 267.39 bp  
Mean intron length 536.89 bp  
Number of genes annotated 46,750 (96.04%)  
Number of genes unannotated 1,930 (3.96%)  
Number of miRNA genes 862  
Mean length of miRNA genes 106.92 bp  
miRNA genes share in genome 0.0152%  
Number of rRNA fragments 329  
Mean length of rRNA fragments 129.59 bp  
rRNA fragments share in genome 0.0070%  
Number of tRNA genes 763  
Mean length of tRNA genes 75.18 bp  
tRNA genes share in genome 0.0095%  
Number of snRNA genes 363  
Mean length of snRNA genes 114.02 bp  
snRNA genes share in genome 0.0068%  
Total size of transposable elements (TEs) 313,027,948 bp  
TEs share in genome 51.67%  

C. cajan Asha, Genome Assembly v1.0 Files:

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