Cicer arietinum ICC 4958 genome v3

Genome Overview
Analysis NameCicer arietinum ICC 4958 genome v3
Method454 and Illumina GAIIx (Assembly with Newbler v. 2.5.3 and ABySS v. 1.3.5)
Date performed2019-04-22


Parween et al. 2015. An advanced draft genome assembly of a desi type chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.).  Scientific Reports 5:12806

About the Assembly:

The data uploaded to PCD was directly provided by the authors.  This data was also submitted to NCBI and can be found under BioProject PRJNA78951.

Assembly Stats (from NCBI record):

Total sequence length 511,683,526
Number of scaffolds 30,401
Scaffold N50 50,183,001
Scaffold L50 5

C. arietinum ICC 4958, Desi Type, Genome Assembly v3 Files:

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Homology Analysis Results: