Phaseolus acutifolius acc. W6 15578 genome v2.0

Genome Overview
Analysis NamePhaseolus acutifolius acc. W6 15578 genome v2.0
Method10X Genomics Chromium, Illumina GoldenGate, Oxford Nanopore (Assembly with DeNovoMAGIC2)
Date performed2022-03-17

This assembly and annotation was downloaded from JGI Phytozome and the citation is: Moghaddam SM, Oladzad A, Koh C, Ramsay L, Hart JP, Mamidi S, Hoopes G, Sreedasyam A, Wiersma A, Zhao D, Grimwood J, Hamilton JP, Jenkins J, Vaillancourt B, Wood JC, Schmutz J, Kagale S, Porch T, Bett KE, Buell CR, McClean PE. The tepary bean genome provides insight into evolution and domestication under heat stress. Nature communications. 2021 May 11; 12(1):2638.

About the assembly (from Moghaddam et al.; BUSCO data provided by PCD):

Number of scaffolds 609
Total size  661.8 Mb
N50 8
L50 42.6 Mb
Assembly BUSCO score (embryophyta_odb10) 98.7%
Annotation BUSCO score (embryophyta_odb10) 95.6%

Phaseolus acutifolius acc. W6 15578, Genome Assembly v2.0 Files:

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Homology Analysis Results: