Pisum sativum Cameor genome v1a

Genome Overview
Analysis NamePisum sativum Cameor genome v1a
MethodWGS and paired-end (PacBio RSII and Illumina). Assembly with SoapdeNovo2
Date performed2019-09-06


Kreplak et al. 2019. A reference genome for pea provides insight into legume genome evolution.  Nature Genetics 51:1411-1422.

About the assembly (from Kreplak et al.):

Length of genome assembly (bp) 3,920,161,095
Total length of scaffolds - includes super scaffolds (bp) 3,919,096,294
Number of scaffolds 24,623
N50 of scaffolds (bp) 415,940
Number of anchored scaffolds 10,357
Total length of contigs (bp) 3,159,358,344
Number of contigs 218,010
N50 of contigs (bp) 37,931
GC content (%) 37.6
Total length of pseudomolecules (bp) 3,234,741,624
Total length of unanchored scaffolds (bp) 685,419,471
Number of unanchored scaffolds 14,266
Total length of retrotransposons (Class I, bp) 2,457,319,695
Total length of transposons (Class II, bp) 171,953,356
Total length of genes (bp) 124,595,921
Number of genes 44,756
Average gene length (bp) 2784
Number of mRNA 57,835
Number of exons 193,976
Average exon length (bp) 308.5
Average exon number 4.33
Average 3′ UTR length (bp) 443.3
Average 5′ UTR length (bp) 261.9
Number of annotated genes 30,687

P. sativum Cameor, Genome Assembly v1a Files:

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