Cicer arietinum ICC 4958 genome v2

Genome Overview
Analysis NameCicer arietinum ICC 4958 genome v2
Methodwhole genome and paired-end sequencing (454/Roche and Illuminia HiSeq1000). NEWBLER v2.6 and SOAP de novo gap closure v1.1
Date performed2015-08-11


Parween et al. 2015. An advanced draft genome assembly of a desi type chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.).  Scientific Reports 5:12806

About the Assembly (from Parween et al.):

Total size (base) 510,879,539
Number of scaffolds 38,513
Minimum scaffold length(bp) 1000
Maximum scaffold length(bp) 54,992,815
Average scaffold length(bp) 13,265
N50 length(bp) 39,901,017
N50 index 6
GC content (%) 27.95
Length of pseudomolecules (bp)
Ca_LG_1 39,901,017
Ca_LG_2 33,233,457
Ca_LG_3 42,267,542
Ca_LG_4 54,992,815
Ca_LG_5 45,819,701
Ca_LG_6 54,841,389
Ca_LG_7 45,279,478
Ca_LG_8 17,664,089
Protein-coding gene annotation
Number of genes 30,257
Total gene length 91,806,333
Total CDS length 35,503,303
Number of predicted mRNA 30,686
Average gene length (bp) 3034
Average coding sequence (CDS) length (bp) 1173
Average exon length (bp) 253
Average intron length (bp) 432
Average number of exons per gene 5.1
GC content in CDS 41.60%

C. arietinum ICC 4958, Desi Type, Genome Assembly v2.0 Files:

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