Cicer reticulatum L. PI489777 genome v1

Genome Overview
Analysis NameCicer reticulatum L. PI489777 genome v1
Methodwhole genome shotgun sequencing (Illumina HiSeq1000). Assembly with ALLPATHS-LG version SL 2.0
Sourcewild progenitor of chickpea, NIPGR
Date performed2016-08-26


Gupta et al. 2016. Draft genome sequence of Cicer reticulatum L., the wild progenitor of chickpea provides a resource for agronomic trait improvement. DNA Research 

About the Assembly (from Gupta et al.):

Total span 416,658,930 bp
No. scaffolds 5,723
Max. scaffold length 58,232,078 bp
Min. scaffold length 1,000 bp
N50 length 39,846,785 bp
N50 index 5
Number of annotated genes 25,680
Average gene length 3,341 bp
Average coding sequence length 1,192 bp
Functionally annotated genes 25,075
Genome assembly based on ICC4958 440,184,772 bp
Genome assembly based on CDC Frontier 421,850,125 bp
% GC 27.55



C. reticulatum L. PI489777, Genome Assembly v1 Files:

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Homology Analysis Results: