Expression: Lentil seed development

Analysis NameExpression: Lentil seed development
MethodIllumina HiSeq 2500 (DESeq2)
Date performed2023-09-25

This data is from the following manuscript: Yu B, Gao P, Song J, Yang H, Qin L, Yu X, Song H, Coulson J, Bekkaoui Y, Akhov L, Han X, Cram D, Wei Y, Zaharia LI, Zou J, Konkin D, Quilichini TD, Fobert P, Patterson N, Datla R, Xiang D. Spatiotemporal Transcriptomics and Metabolic Profiling Provide Insights into Gene Regulatory Networks during Lentil Seed Development. The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology. 2023 Mar 25.  NCBI BioProject PRJNA892614.  Expression values are normalized counts.  Only one of the two replicates of the BioSamples are represented below.

Sample name Tissue Developmental stage
E1 Embryo Zygote
E2 Embryo Quadrant
E3 Embryo Globular
E4 Embryo Heart
E5 Embryo Torpedo
E6 Embryo Early cotyledon
E7 Embryo Late cotyledon
E8 Embryo Mature
S1 Seed coat Zygote
S2 Seed coat Quadrant
S3 Seed coat Globular
S4 Seed coat Heart
S5 Seed coat Torpedo
S6 Seed coat Early cotyledon
S7 Seed coat Late cotyledon
S8 Seed coat Mature
W1 Whole seed Zygote
W2 Whole seed Quadrant
W3 Whole seed Globular
W4 Whole seed Heart
W5 Whole seed Torpedo
W6 Whole seed Early cotyledon
W7 Whole seed Late cotyledon
W8 Whole seed Mature
UO Whole seed Unfertilized ovule


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