BIMS (Breeding Information Management System)

PCD BIMS (Breeding Information Management System) is a Tripal module being developed by Mainlab Bioinformatics which allows users to explore the publically available breeding data in PCD while also providing a data management solution for private breeding programs.  BIMS is now open for breeders to create an account and start using it with current functionality. It is being continuously developed and once complete it will provide individual breeders with a secure and comprehensive online breeding management system that allows them to store, manage and analyze their private data, fully integrated with publicly available genomic, genetic and breeding data within Tripal databases such as PCD.

The BIMS tool now supports the use of Field Book, an Android app developed by the Poland Lab at Kansas State University for collecting phenotype data in the field.  Field Book is a free app that is available through the Google Play Store.  It provides easy and customizable interfaces for entering all types of biological data.  

BIMS can be accessed via the "Tools" menu and then selecting "BIMS".  The BIMS interface will then open.  Public data is available for all users of PCD without requiring an account.  Users can download public data from BIMS without an account, but will need a PCD user account to save search results within the website. Access to private breeding data also requires users to log in with their PCD user account.  To create a breeding program, users must first create a PCD account and contact using the contact form for breeder privilege.

The complete BIMS User Guide is found at: