Cicer arietinum CDC Frontier genome v1.0

Genome Overview
Analysis NameCicer arietinum CDC Frontier genome v1.0
Methodwhole genome shotgun sequencing, Illumina (Assembly with SOAPdenovo)
SourceCDC Frontier, kabuli type
Date performed2013-01-01

About the assembly

A kabuli chickpea genome containing an estimated 28,269 genes. Assembly statistics (Varshney et al. 2013):


  All scaffold ( ≥ 1K) Scaffold ≥ 2K
Assembly features    
Number of scaffolds 7,163 3,659
Total span 532.29 Mb 527.50 Mb
N50 (scaffolds) 39.99 Mb 39.99 Mb
Longest scaffold 59.46 Mb 59.46 Mb
Number of contigs 62,619 56,440
Longest contig 258.19 kb 258.19 kb
N50 (contigs) 23.54 kb 23.69 kb
GC content 30.78% 30.76%
Gene models    
Number of gene models 28,269  
Number of gene models (without transposable elements) 28,255  
Mean transcript length 3,055.39  
Mean coding sequence length 1,166.44 bp  
Mean number of exons per gene 4.93  
Mean exon length 236.51 bp  
Mean intron length 480.43 bp  
Number of genes annotated 25,365 (89.73%)  
Number of genes unannotated 2,904 (10.27%)  
Non-protein coding genes    
Number of miRNA genes 420  
Mean length of miRNA genes 122.58 bp  
miRNA genes share in genome 0.01%  
Number of rRNA fragments 478  
Mean length of rRNA fragments 178.52 bp  
rRNA fragments share in genome 0.02%  
Number of tRNA genes 684  
Mean length of tRNA genes 75.04 bp  
tRNA genes share in genome 0.01%  
Number of snRNA genes 647  
Mean length of snRNA genes 118.26 bp  
snRNA genes share in genome 0.01%  


Varshney et al. 2013 - Draft genome sequence of chickpea (Cicer arietinum) provides a resource for trait improvement


C. arietinum CDC Frontier, Kabuli Type, Genome Assembly v1.0 Files:

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